Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How NOT to interact on Instagram

Mom2MomEd Blog: How NOT to interact on Instagram
McKenzie and I LOVE Instagram. In fact, it might just be my favorite social media platform of all time. 

I am hyper visual and love the easy gratification of Instagram and the wide variety of images I find there--I love it even more than Pinterest, and I really love Pinterest!

We make it a priority for Mom2MomEd to try to post to our Instagram account on an almost daily basis and to interact with other posts and accounts that we enjoy. However, lately we've noticed a commenting trend that both makes us chuckle but also frustrates us.

We love comments that are relevant to what we post. 

If we post a picture of our kids covered in mud, we love hearing from other parents whose children also enjoy getting outdoors and down into the dirt. If we post pictures of our mom-problems, like spilled coffee or our obvious sleep deprivation, we love hearing from other moms that can commiserate. 

We love to leave comments on the posts of others when we have something relevant to say. If you post about reading a book to your kids that might be too difficult for them, but you do it anyhow, and the experience is positive, I'm likely to post my own thoughts about the importance of doing this very thing and how it will impact your child's reading interests and abilities for a long time to come. If you post an awesome craft idea, we might comment with how fun it looks and how we'll try it ourselves or with our kids. 

After all, the point of social media is interaction and connection with others, isn't it?

Sure, we use social media to promote our business, but we also use it to build relationships, to connect, to feel like we belong. We use it to build up our mom-tribe and to support other moms, just as we need support ourselves.

But, lately it seems like there has been an overflow of people using social media in a "Pay attention to me, Me, MEEEEE" sort of manner.

Here, friends, is a little primer on how NOT to interact on Instagram.

1. Irrelevant tagging
Don't tag us in posts or comments that have absolutely nothing to do with our message or theme. And, especially don't tag us on images or threads that have to do with sex, violence, drugs, or other unsavory or adult content...our whole business is centered on parenting and education! Keep it at least PG-13 or less, please!

2. Tagging on sales promotions
I'm sorry, but we don't want to buy the products you keep tagging us on. They are most likely irrelevant to us (see tip #1 above) or are for purchasing followers and likes. Sorry, but no. We don't want to buy followers and likes. We want to grow our audience organically and for our audience to actually be interested in us and our content, and vice versa. While I would love for Mom2MomEd to have a HUGE following, our size isn't our main priority--putting out good, relevant, strong parenting and education related information for parents and educators is our priority.

3. Irrelevant or generic comments 
You know how we know you just want us to follow you and build up YOUR audience, even if we have nothing in common? You post totally irrelevant or generic comments on our Instagram photos. You post things like, "Great shot!" or "Love your feed!" or "This is the best photo!" Is it possible you really believe these things about our pictures or account? Sure, it's possible, but it's also really unlikely when we take a look at your account and see nothing in common with us. 

Here's how you SHOULD interact on Instagram:
Like, comment, and follow when you really feel compelled to do so. If you truly like our images or think we have things in common, please like our images and follow us and comment! If you think we could have an engaging exchange, please comment and start a conversation, add some advice, or ask questions! We want honest, relevant relationships on social media. 

What are your social media pet peeves? Post a comment here, on Facebook, or over on Instagram!

Mom2MomEd rant OVER!
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