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Mom2MomEd Gift Guide: What busy moms want

Mom2MomEd Blog: Holiday Gift Guide--What busy moms REALLY want
Friends, have you thought about what to get for the moms on your list this holiday season?

As two busy moms, McKenzie and I spend an embarrassing amount of time fantasizing about what we wish we could afford to buy for ourselves to make our lives easier...seriously, it comes up at least once in every conversation we have. So, we have compiled a list of what we believe are some great gift options for the busy moms in your life--it could be for YOUR mom, your wife or girlfriend, a sister or aunt, a best friend, or any other mom that's on your list.

But first... 

A story on what NOT to buy a mom... 

Picture the Christmas tree, a small pile of gifts beneath it, a happy mom, smiling dad, and excited 3 year old little boy. So sweet! Gifts start to get unwrapped and the paper and ribbons are flying. The little boy is oh-ing and ah-ing over everything. The dad is thrilled that you remembered his favorite movie and got the DVD and a few other things he had mentioned over the past year.

You put a lot of thought into the gifts you bought for your small family.

You expected your partner to get you something with just as much thought behind it--especially since he asked you for a list of things you really wanted.Your list included a few books that had just come out.

He hands you a package that looks and feels like it might be a couple of books. He tells you that he knows it's what you really wanted for Christmas.

You are thrilled!

Until you open the package... is a modem. A computer modem. 

Something you neither wanted nor needed.

You look at him confused, and he says, "Well, I want a new modem so I'm going to take the modem out of my computer and put it in yours and I'll put this one in mine! Then you get a newer modem too! It's like a gift for both of us!"

I looked around for the books I was hoping for. Nope. Nothing. No other gifts beneath the tree.

Your gift isn't even a gift for you.

Worst. Christmas. Present. Ever.

Anyhow, with that out of the way, here are some gift giving ideas for the moms in your life! Be sure you put some thought into your gift giving and that the gifts you give are actually wanted by the people you are giving them to--gift giving shouldn't be about you, but rather about the person on the receiving end.

Coffee--Starbucks gift cards (or their preferred coffee shop...McKenzie and I are B.I.G. Starbucks, we would not turn down Starbucks gift cards...ever...); Starbucks VIA packs or a bag of coffee beans* 

Tea--but a kind or flavor she likes and the really upscale, pricey version that almost no mom would splurge on for herself*

*A note about coffee mugs...unless you KNOW she likes a particular style of mug (travel or regular) or that she is in need of mugs, consider NOT buying her a mug. Most moms I know have TONS of coffee mugs already and don't need more--seriously, we don't want more dishes! We already have a dirty sink full!

Books--A book she has been wanting but keeps putting off buying

TIME ALONE...seriously. Buy her a Starbucks gift card, a book or a stack of her favorite magazines, and watch her kids for a few hours while she goes and enjoys time to herself at a coffee shop.

Adult beverages--bottles of her favorite wine or a 6-pack of a favorite beer or a gift subscription for her favorites

Lip balm--McKenzie loves EOS (click HERE for a really cool pack of 8--it's like Lip Smackers for moms!) while Malea prefers Burt's Bees (especially THIS one).

Essie Nail Polish--like THIS really cute holiday gift set. 

Professional auto detailing--preferably done by a mobile service that will come to her house!

Gorgeous candles from Anthropologie or Bath and Body Works (if you know what kind of scents she likes)

Gift cards to Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop if she's into delicious and luxurious lotions and soaps or to Sephora or Ulta if she loves makeup.

Housekeeping--buy her a set of visits from a housekeeper. McKenzie and I both agree that a housekeeper, even if only for an hour or two per week would really revolutionize our lives! If you can go large with your Christmas gift for that special mom in your life, spring for a weekly visit for as many weeks as you can afford!

Meal Services--Ok, we both think meal services that send you a box of ingredients and a recipe, but seriously, how about a service that prepares the meals and delivers them already put together? I don't mean calling up a restaurant and ordering food. I mean, a dedicated meal service like a personal chef type of deal. Even if it's just a meal delivered once per week--maybe on mom's busiest night of her week--it could go a long way towards sanity! Just make sure the meal service or delivery actually has options mom will like and is able to eat (for example, I have a severe dairy allergy and prefer vegan foods anyhow).

Movie tickets and free babysitting--Buy her a pair of movie tickets pay for her babysitter too! Either give her a pair so she can take her spouse or partner with her, take her yourself and arrange for the babysitting to take place at your house so she doesn't have to worry about any cleaning up, or send her to the movies on her own while you watch her kids if you know she likes movies alone!

Bubble bath kit--a gorgeous bubble bath that truly foams up and smells great, a candle and lighter or matches to go with it, loofah or body scrub brush. 

Appliance repairs--Is her dishwasher broken and you know someone that can fix it? Make it happen!

A Camelback and/or a Hydro Flask water bottle

New cookbooks--Alton Brown's newest was specifically mentioned, but I also would add Thug Kitchen, Everyday Italian by Giada de Laurentiis, and Taste of Home Casseroles, Slow Cooker, and Soups.

A new pillow and new, super soft throw blankets

High quality baking sheets and cupcake tins with high quality, cute, colorful cupcake liners--you know, the good ones that are more expensive than she'd be willing to buy herself!

Entry into a 5k or other race she has been talking about--one friend specifically mentioned the Spartan Race, but for fun, why not buy entry for you and your mom friend to a Bubble Run or Color Run so you can do it together?

Jewelry--but ONLY if you know her particular style.

A gift card for her favorite clothing store, or if she's active a gift card to her favorite athletic store (I'd take one to Fleet Feet, personally!)

Uggs boots 

Free babysitting (do you see a theme here?!)

Garden stones with kids' handprints or footprints on them

Use of the bathroom without interruption (Isn't this on ALL of our mom wishlists????)
Moms, what is on YOUR wishlist?
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