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All links on this page are for various deals, discount codes, and so on that I might mention in blog posts or other pages on this blog. 
Please note: these links are all affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any of these, you may receive a discount or deal (depending on the details of the offer from each company or organization). I may also receive a small commission or other compensation as a result of your purchase. THANK YOU! Each website has its own terms and conditions which will apply and may change with or without notice at any time.
You will only find links to products, programs, or other things that I personally have experience with and believe in.
LIST UPDATED June 24, 2023

Postcard, envelopes, scouting patch, and plate from the Etsy shop Shop the Junk Drawer
Shop the Junk Drawer -- Take 15% off your entire purchase in my vintage, handmade, and crafting Etsy shop HERE. No minimum purchase and no codes required! Please note, this shop ships only within the USA. 
Images of adult coloring pages and stationery from the Etsy shop Marbles and Jam
Marbles and Jam -- Take 15% off download-and-print at home coloring pages, stationery, self help tools, and more on Etsy. Shop HERE. No minimum purchase and no codes required! This shop is available anywhere you find Etsy.
Thrive -- 40% off on your first order of groceries, home goods, cleaning supplies, baby items, and more! You also can frequently get a free item in your orders, if you spend over a certain amount! The free offers change regularly.
  • I love Thrive because I can sort and search according to my needs and preferences. You can search for a variety of needs and find lots of options. Thrive features a huge selection of dairy free, vegan, gluten free, soy free, and other options. They also offer a huge array of plastic free items.
  • If you have dietary restrictions, Thrive is terrific!
Grove Co. -- Receive a free gift with your first order. The free gift seems to change regularly.
  • Grove is my favorite place to buy cleaning supplies, even though I can also get them from Thrive. I have loved watching Grove change over the years as they strive to become more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly! Grove also frequently offers freebies if your order is over a certain amount. The freebies change regularly. 
Complement Vitamins -- Get $15 off your first order.
  • I've tried many vitamins over the years, and Complement vitamins are the first ones that don't give me weird burps AND that actually seem to work! Although your results might not match mine, I have had noticeable hair and nail growth since starting these vitamins. My nails are much stronger and grow much faster now! My hair also seems stronger and faster growing, plus I'm losing far LESS hair than I used to!
  • Complement vitamins are totally vegan. They are all black, which can be off-putting, but they are smooth and easy to take. They also have a slight peppermint scent and flavor which I happen to like.


Who Gives a Crap -- $10 off on your first order of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. 

  • WGAC appears to be available in the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 
  • I love that my toilet paper is shipped directly to my door and that they are committed to sustainability. Additionally, when the whole world went into lockdown, WGAC changed their policies and stopped taking new customers in order to ensure that existing customers were prioritized. While almost everyone I know was scrambling to find toilet paper, we were just fine!
The Body Shop -- get 20% off your first order if you register first with THIS link. I am a huge fan of The Body Shop for many reasons, but I especially like their pumice foot scrub and their Vitamin E line of skincare products. Read my skincare blog post HERE.

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