Monday, December 5, 2016

WE TRIED IT: The Tub Shroom

Mom2MomEd Blog: We tried it--The Tub Shroom
Sometimes, I see a product and think, "Wow, that looks like it belongs on a late night infomercial or some sort of bargain rack at the grocery store with an 'As Seen on TV' sticker, buuuut, I wonder if it works???"

I usually skip those types of things, but lately, I've been sick of unclogging the bathtub drain. My son and I both have longish, thick hair and we share our bathroom with a roommate and frequent house guests. That means a lot of much getting stuck in the drain.

It. Is. GROSS.

Recently, the drain gunk was so bad that the tub all but stopped draining. I stuck my fingers in as far as I could to remove the clog (EWWW!) and finally resorted to an unbent paper clip to complete the job.

So, so, so gross!

I had seen this crazy little "looks like it belongs on a late night infomercial" Tub Shroom thing popping up over and over in my Pinterest feed, and I was finally so grossed out by the tub drain that I decided to investigate. 

I found a few reviews and then popped over to where the price was low enough, and I knew the return policies via Amazon were good enough, that I decided to give this little gadget a try without too much worry if it didn't work well.

I honestly, did not have high hopes for the Tub Shroom. It looked silly and seemed like it might be all hype and no delivery. 

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! The Tub Shroom is GREAT!

This little thing is so easy to use and has virtually stopped my tub drain from getting clogged and gross! I haven't had to clear a single clog from the drain in the six months or so that I've been using the Tub Shroom!

All you do is remove the packaging from the Tub Shroom and then pull out your tub drain cover. Slip the Tub Shroom into the hole and shower as usual. To maintain the Tub Shroom and your tub's ability to drain, simply remove it periodically and clean it off. For us, that's usually once per week maintenance. 

To clean the Tub Shroom, you just remove it from the drain, grab a tissue and pull off the crud, goo, and hair that is stuck to it and wound around it. I haven't had to stick my fingers or anything else down the drain to fish out or break up clogs since using the Tub Shroom

This thing is seriously awesome, especially if you have lots of people sharing one tub or shower or if everyone has overly thick or long hair

If I want to take a bath, I could leave the Tub Shroom in, but I prefer to pull it out. If your tub plugs with a physical plug in the drain, just pull out the Tub Shroom and use your regular plug at bath time, then switch them back when it's time to drain the tub. 

  • Would I buy this again? DEFINITELY!
  • Is it easy to use? DEFINITELY!
  • Is it attractive? Well, it could be cuter, but so far it still looks new and clean (I got a green Tub Shroom) and it does come in different colors so you could try to match your tub's color or bathroom decor.      
  • Was the price right? For how well it works, ABSOLUTELY!
  • Does it make my life easier? YES! YES! YES!

You can buy your own Tub Shroom HERE

Have you used the Tub Shroom? What did you think? Did it work as you expected? What other gadgets and tools should we try? Leave a comment and let us know!
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