Monday, November 21, 2016

A healthy, fun, one "pot" meal that your kids will love

Mom2MomEd Blog: A healthy, fun one "pot" meal your kids will love
This isn't our typical post, but with the holidays around the corner and just general life business, I thought I'd share an easy, one pot dinner for your family!

My kids aren't super picky, but they definitely go through phases where they will eat pretty much anything and then only have ONE food that they will eat. When I can find something that everyone likes and will eat, I am always thrilled--especially if it's healthy like this dish!

First, I just took took pieces of aluminum foil and shape them together to make a little bowl. You don't want to scrunch up the ends too much as you will be folding the foil over the top and making a little packet of food when you are done. I made four of these little bowls so everyone in my family could have their own. I set everything up buffet style and let my kids prepare their own dinner. 

I've found that when I give my kid some control over putting together their meal, they tend to eat more and they LOVED eating out of a little tin foil packet when it was done!

For our buffet options, I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, zucchini, onions, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and green beans. I kept the chicken breasts whole and then I chopped up the veggies into manageable pieces. The process of constructing our foil bowl meals was pretty simple: put the chicken down first and then top with any veggies that look appealing. We then sprinkled some seasoned salt, pepper, and onion powder over the contents and I put in a few teaspoons of chicken broth to each packet keep the chicken moist and to steam the veggies.

Once we had our packets loaded up we tented the foil and pinched it shut over the top. I baked the packets for about an hour at 350F. 

Once they were done, I opened the tops up just a tad to release the steam and let them cool a bit before I served them to my kids. The chicken and veggies were super tender and pulled apart with our forks.  

The results? DELICIOUS! 

My husband and I ate all of ours and my kids actually ate (almost) all of their veggies. 

{{I will admit that my son only put one green bean and a chunk of carrot in his packet, but that battle is for another day.}}

The great part about this meal is that you can mix up the veggies and meat and it would still be just as tasty! It also was a meal that didn't take a lot of clean up which was a huge bonus in my book! Since the food baked for an hour, I also had time to clean up the kitchen and then sit back and relax while waiting for dinner to be ready! I even cut up some apples to round out our meal! 


Have you ever done this before? Is this something that you think your children would enjoy? Do you have any recipes to share that we should try?

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