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Real Moms: Kids say the darndest things edition

Mom2MomEd Blog: Kids say the darndest things
Hopefully by now you've had a chance to read our first REAL moms interview where I had a chance to sit down and talk to my mama. It was fun and is leading into some really cool new adventures for Mom2MomEd as well!

Since my kids are into being in  the spotlight right now (Lord, help me!), I thought it would be fun to interview them about me and to see what they had to say. My daughter (3) has the world's best memory and my son (5) is articulate beyond his years, so I thought this would be easy enough, as long as it was age appropriate.

I'll let you see for yourself.....

1.What is my name?
Hank- Mama. Oh wait, McKenzie. I think?

2. How old am I?
Delilah- 35 or 48. Maybe 200, is that it? (I'm 36 so she was close!)

3. What do you like best about me?
Hank- Hugs. You give good hugs and snuggles.
Delilah- Hugs and snuggles and kisses. You're kind of like Ms. Storey's rats. (Um, ok...? I later realized that is the name of her preschool class's pet rats.)

4. When I was little, what did I want to be when I grew up?
Hank- A mommy. You wanted to have babies.

5. What is my job?
Delilah- To work. You are a printer company. You write a lot. You walk around writing "McKenzie" on everything. (Then she sighed and rolled her eyes.)

6. What do you think my perfect day is?
Hank- Work, write, be with us, play babies, and cook and clean. (Hmmmm, it looks like I have my perfect day every day!)

7. What is my favorite thing to do?
Delilah- Play with Hank and me and dress up babies.

8. What is something that makes me mad?
Hank- Not listening. Talking about poop and butts. When you are mad you yell and stomp your feet.

9. Tell me some words that make you think about me.
Hank & Delilah- I love you, smart, pretty, happy, silly, intelligent ("Intelligent" was from Hank and totally fits something he would say. He's always using words that are way beyond his years and then just throwing them in there like it's totally normal.)

10.  What makes me laugh?
Hank & Delilah- Silly words, making silly faces, playing silly games, and making noises.
{{Malea interjecting here: I totally have a fun game based on making silly words and noises! I'll share in a blog post soon!}}

11. Who is my best friend?
Hank & Delilah- Daddy and Gunnar and Hank and Delillah. Oh wait, Felix and the chickens. Maybe that is it?

12. What is my hobby?
Hank- Playing with us.
Delilah- Working on your printer company. (I have no idea where she got this because I do not have a printer company nor do I do anything related to that!)

13. What is my favorite animal and why?
Hank- Birds because they are pretty and are fun to watch. You like the different colors and sizes and you like them a lot because your mom never would let you get one so you always missed having a bird. So now, you get to do what you want, so you have chickens.

14. What is my favorite food?
Delilah- Rice, chicken soup, iced coffee, chicken, water, coffee, iced tea, and beard (beer). (It appears that I'm really into beverages?)

15. What do you want people to know about your mama?
Hank- I don't like answering questions. Please stop.
Delilah- Yea, me neither. I'm going to go be a princess with big boobs instead.

And....there you have it! Out of the mouths of babes.

I love doing activities like this with my kids because not only is it funny to hear their answers, but I also learn a little bit about myself. It also gives me a point of reference for what I need to address as a parent (note the boobs and beard)!

What would your kids say about you? I LOVE hearing things kids say.

My kids have done their fair share of embarassing me as well! One day, at the grocery store, with just my daughter in tow, I ran in to get one item. Of course, after picking up 15 items, I finally made it to the checkout stand. My arms were so full that items were starting to inch their way to the ground. I quickly grabbed the first thing I could and handed it to my daughter. It happened to be a single beer. She grabbed it and looked at me and said (in a very crowded store and line), "Ooh, mama don't hand that to me because I'll probably just stand here and drink it."

She's 3!!!

I'm sure that looked like I had earned the parent of the year award.

Just to clarify.....I don't drink very often or very much. When I, do it's usually well after the kids go to bed because nobody has time to just sit and drink with tiny terrors running around, right? 

I'm sure you also have some funny stories of things your kids have said. Please share, we'd love to read their answers to our questions or hear your stories!
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