Monday, October 31, 2016

Mom2MomEd Gift Guide: Pre and Early Readers Children's Book Advent Calendar

Mom2MomEd Blog: Holiday Gift Guide--Pre and Early Reader Advent Book Calendar
With the winter holidays pretty much just around the corner, McKenzie and I wanted to share some of our favorite gifts to both give and to get! Over the next few weeks we'll have a weekly gift guide centered around various age groups, specific categories of gifts, and more.

Today, we are sharing BOOKS for younger kids--toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten. And, although we these are the best age groups for these kids, please don't be afraid to read them to your babies--even newborns!--or to have fun with them with your older kids. In fact, if you have kids older than these groups who happen to be struggling to read at their grade level, encourage them to read some of these books for a boost of confidence.

Some of these books are cute, simple picture books while others may become cherished keepsakes. 

While you can give them for any holiday, birthday, or just because, we particularly like the idea of giving one book per day from December 1st through Christmas day (or Christmas Eve, depending on when your family celebrates) for those that celebrate this holiday. Often this is called a Christmas Advent Countdown or Christmas Advent Book Calendar.

To do a holiday Advent Book Calendar/Countdown, you will need to gather 24 or 25 books (depending on whether you end on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day) and wrap each book individually. You can put them in a particular order for giving and opening or you can make it random. If you decide to use a particular order, be sure to number the outside of each package!

Below is a list of our picks for your Advent Christmas Book Calendar include--we've listed more than 25 so you can pick and choose. Also, for your purchasing convenience, each title is linked to

Giant Children by Brod Bagert 
Golden Books (any or all of them!) 
Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle
Shel Silverstein poetry books

We'd love to see pictures of your Book Advent Calendars! Post pictures on social media with the tag #mom2momed! While you are at it, follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE.
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