Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Build up your mom tribe

Mom2MomEd Blog: Build up your mom tribe
Let’s just be real for a minute.

The mommy wars are real.

Like kids, moms come in all shapes and sizes, personality types, and temperaments. Some are destined to be our friends while others are ones we feel like we simply cannot compete with. Let me tell you...


We all know those moms who are perfectly put together--they dress super cute, their homes are large and clean, and on and on….we tell ourselves, “She probably is lacking in other areas” or “She doesn’t have a good relationship with her husband” or “She’s so fake”...

...just to make ourselves feel better.

I know some of those moms who seem to be “perfect” and some of them really are always put together and really do have a clean house most of the time AND they have good relationships with their husbands and are far from fake. I too, used to be intimated by some of these women but realized over time that it’s not them creating the mommy war its….GASP….ME!

It’s no secret that I’m sort of a frazzled mess most of the time.

I always (and I mean always) have a medium sized rat's nest tucked somewhere in my hair.
I forget to put on makeup (yea, that’s just my excuse..I forgot).
I have crumbs/stains/who knows what on my clothes
I am perpetually running late.

However, I do keep my house pretty clean and can easily bust out a dinner party on an hour's, notice if necessary. 

Here's the deal--we all have our things. Not all of them are visible to others either.

My mom is one of those people who always has her hair done, has nice clothing and ALWAYS (and I’m not kidding...even when she’s sleeping) is wearing lipstick.

I guess you never know when the queen is coming to visit right?!?

Anyway my running joke has always been that I am the WORST kind of daughter for her. I’m not into dressing up, I have very few accessories, and I have probably never worn a shade of lipstick that isn’t my natural lip color. So far, she hasn’t shunned me, but instead builds me up and focuses on the things that I do well. She’s always telling me how nice my house looks or what a good cook I am. I have to admit, I eat those compliments up!

Nothings feels better than being reminded of our strengths. 

As we are heading into the holiday months, we all tend to get busier, more stressed, and we have less time for ourselves to reflect and be thankful for what we ARE doing well. It’s important now more than ever to lift a fellow mom up and show her you stand with her in this parenting journey. It’s sometimes as simple as a text saying, "Hey….you’ve got this!" Or, you could send a little card in the mail or have a hot cup of coffee delivered to her door on a busy day or just be in the moment with her.

I have a tribe of women in my life who totally rock. Not all of them are moms, not all of them are married, but all of them have my back, and hopefully they know that I’ve got theirs too. Let’s all take a minute this week to extend support to our tribes. Reach out to a fellow frazzled mom/women/friend and hold up a peace sign in solidarity.

We can do this…..we have to do this.
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