Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life IS Education

Mom2MomEd blog: Life IS education--one lesson we are constantly learning as moms
It’s no secret that lately Malea and I have been struggling. 

Like really struggling. 

We’ve cried on the phone, into our coffee, in our cars, and alone at night. When we dreamed up Mom2MomEd we didn’t want this to be focused so heavily on our lives. We wanted to be “real” but mainly focus on education. 

It’s becoming apparent that right now we really need to focus more on our lives.

HOWEVER, I think we’re focused on education now more than ever. We’re learning, we’re teaching our kids, and we’re hopefully sharing with you some tools to help you during hard times. We sure learn a lot from you too!

Life is evolving. 

It’s not perfectly wrapped up into a four-sided, one-size-fits-all box.  
Life is education. 
It’s growing, it’s falling down, it’s getting up, and it’s looking in the mirror and deciding that you are NOT giving up.

It is during the darkest times that the light begins to shine through. It’s never bright to start. It’s faint….but it’s there. As parents, I think we are sometimes too hard on ourselves and feel as if we need to suck it up and shelter our children from our heartaches, struggles, and emotions. While I think that we need to use judgment and make sure what we share is age appropriate, I also think that it’s good to normalize feelings and emotions for our kids. We are their role models and what we demonstrate will likely set the tone for how they interact with hard times in their own lives.

Life is hard sometimes. Life throws you a curveball and you still have to get up and fight.

Since my son has started kindergarten this year he’s had some really tough life lessons. He’s learned that no matter how nice you are to someone, they may still not be nice back. Sometimes people use their words (or hands) to hurt others and not everyone knows how to be a good friend. 

It’s not what happens to us that matters, as much as how we respond to those things.

My son has also learned that it’s good to be kind even if others aren’t. It pays to do the right thing and you should never change who you are to be someones friend. He’s getting an education. An education that far outweighs him being able to write all of his letters, be able to read a chapter book or even sit quietly at a desk.

I’m getting one too. I used to think that once you were an adult you sort of knew everything and life was just a piece of cake.  

Do I need to even tell you how wrong I was??? 

Adults are learning all of the time. We are continuing our education, balancing, and adjusting all of the time. In fact, I feel like I’m growing more and more the older I get.

I’m growing through my kids now too. I have to learn to sit back and watch them flounder sometimes, get their feelings hurt, learn a hard lesson. But, I also get to see them succeed, look at me with intense pride on their faces, and feel good about doing the right thing. 

I was talking to Delilah’s preschool teacher today (whom I adore and I highly value her opinion) about how to teach kids to do the right thing and have compassion for others. We came to the conclusion that it’s modeled and they just tend to mimic what they are around and learn from us. It’s not in a lesson plan. It’s not on a worksheet that they can copy and paste. 

It’s life….Life IS education.

In fact, the longer I’m on this ride called LIFE I’m becoming more and more convinced that the most important lessons we learn in life are the ones that you can’t really teach and you can’t really pinpoint.

So there. 

I guess I’m reminding myself (and hopefully you too) that I am way too hard on myself. 
Learning takes place in all different shapes and sizes and forms. 

Life IS education...and we are still learning!
Wow! I am so blown away by McKenzie's post! THIS THIS THIS! I have been trying to articulate similar thoughts for a while now, and McKenzie pretty much captured my thoughts exactly.
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