Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to use conversation starters with your children...using them with my sweet Delilah

Mom2MomEd Blog: How to use Conversation Starter Cards with your kids

Have you had the time to check out our awesome conversation starters? If not, please make sure you stop on by our Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) shops to get some of your own!

I have used our conversation starters (and others in the past) with both of my kids and my five year old son tends to dominate the conversation when my three year old daughter is around. However, my daughter and I are just hanging at home today while my son is at school, so I thought I'd give the conversation starters another try with just the two of us.

Let's just say that it was adorable and a hit!

I can't wait to do some more with her. I found that once my sweet girl started talking, she became less interested in the coloring part and more into telling me a story.

I'd consider that a HUGE success since that is the whole point of conversation starters right?!?

I tried to choose a conversation starter that would the most age appropriate for her. The card said, "Describe the perfect birthday." 

I opened up a whole floodgate of ideas!

I think I may have some pressure now to provide this perfect birthday! I think I may be able to pull it off!

My daughter's perfect birthday day involves going to the waterpark to play (her actual birthday is in February). She wants to invite all of her friends from school (plus their mamas) to go to Grann's house for cake and games after the waterpark. She will have a blueberry and blackberry flavored cake that is in the shape of a Disney princess (I'm not clear on which princess she prefers). Then we'll play games such as tic-tac-toe and hopscotch. For lunch, she would like chicken noodle soup, carrots, raspberries, rice, and pancakes. After a fun filled day, she will send her friends home with a goody bag full of baby toys (she said so that everyone can have them) including baby snacks, toys, baby spoons and bibs.  She made sure to tell me, "I'll take care of those myself mama."

And there you have it! The perfect birthday for a little 3 year old. Her answers were so cute and made me smile. It was definitely a fun little activity that allowed us to chat for a minute about something I wouldn't otherwise ask her. 

I encourage you to check out our conversation starters and to try them out with your own children. You won't be disappointed!

Learn more about my daughter and how I am trying to balance parenting with her spirited nature in THIS blog post. 

Want to skip straight to the conversation starters? Just head HERE to buy them on Etsy or HERE to buy on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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