Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Valid Reasons to Take a Break From Blogging

Reasons not to blog
If you have been following along on Mom2MomEd either here on the blog or over on Facebook, you may have noticed a big drop off in our posts. We had posted previously about life getting in the way of our progress, but then life REALLY amped things up in both good and not so good ways.

As a result, I have been thinking a lot about when it is and isn't ok to take a break from overall goals, and in particular McKenzie's and my goals for Mom2MomEd. Sometimes you have to step back, re-evaluate priorities and adjust. And, sometimes you even have to dump everything to deal with immediate needs. Last week, my family was hit square in the face with a "dump everything to deal with immediate needs" situation--and it's not even close to being over, although things have calmed down some.

So, today, I present you with FIVE valid reasons to take a break from blogging:

In the past two weeks, McKenzie's son started kindergarten and her daughter started preschool. My own son turned 18, and a family member had an out-of-nowhere health crisis (see point #4 below). Plus, my dad and step-mom who live only 10 minutes from me are preparing to move far, far away--a transition I knew about but am not ready for. 

Our families needed us and we needed them (and still do!). If family isn't a good reason to take a break from a blog, then I don't know what is!

Along with family, your emotional health is a great reason to take a blogging break. Sometimes, you just get to a point where your brain and your body start pushing back and telling you, "ENOUGH! Take a break! Pull back and refocus!"

I've been feeling that a lot lately!

Between my son hitting three milestones all at once (turning 18, starting to drive, and starting college), working two jobs in addition to Mom2MomEd, a family emergency, and family moving away, I am SPENT!

I have had minimal energy left for anything other than meeting immediate needs.

I love Mom2MomEd and our plans for our business, but my brain simply couldn't process anything other than the least that was the case prior to this morning.

Until today, I was an emotional wreck and it was causing me to sleep too much but without actually feeling rested, to have headaches, and to generally feel awful emotionally and physically. 


If you are a Dave Ramsey follower, you likely have heard him talking about the "four walls" and how those needs must be met before anything else can be addressed in your financial life. Although it has been a long while since I've been in financial crisis mode, taking a blogging break to get your financial life in order is crucial. Yes, you could potentially earn money via blogging, but that is a long-haul and few strike it rich from blogging quickly (or even slowly!).

If you are struggling financially, back off of your blogging and focus on ensuring that you have enough money coming in to cover your "four walls"--food, shelter, basic clothing, and transportation. If you aren't meeting these financial needs, stop blogging and find some other ways to earn money faster and in larger quantities! Once your four walls are stable, you can re-evaluate your blogging plans.

Thankfully, McKenzie and I both have our four walls in place and covered! 

As mentioned above, my family had a serious emergency last week, and it will have long lasting repercussions. I think most of us are still getting over the shock and trying to wrap our heads around what happened and what is to come. I'm not ready to share details yet, although McKenzie knows what is going on (that's what BFFs are for, right?). 

Because of the emergency, I left work early, traded shifts, and have spent a lot of time sorting through the healthcare system and what has happened, needs to happen, and might happen. It is going to be a long, stressful road for my family and many friends. And, it's too early to tell how this will all play out.

If you or someone you love is having a true emergency, it is perfectly OK to stop blogging--in fact, I encourage you to take a break.
Focus on the crisis at hand and work towards stability.  
By now, you've probably figured out that I have been totally MAXED OUT recently! I just had nothing left in the tank day after day over the last few weeks. In addition to the chaos of our family emergency, I also am an introvert working very long shifts in an extrovert environment. I love my job, but it can be draining mentally! Plus, it is draining physically--I can easily get 5,000 steps in just the first few hours of my shifts! Add in my son's milestones, family moving, a weeklong visit from my mom, and so much more, and well, I'm DONE! FRIED! OVER IT!

Sometimes you just need a break--something had to give for me, and it turned out to be blogging. Thankfully, McKenzie is an amazing friend and business partner. We balance one another well, and we both understand that sometimes life takes over and you have little control over what is happening. 

It is in those moments that you have to agree to back off and refocus.

If you are blogging or working on some other project that is in addition to your family, livelihood, and other priorities, I give you permission to let the blogging or other projects go on hold until life is sorted and you feel more balanced!

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