Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mommy judgments—Let’s stop being critical of each other

Mommy judgments: Let's stop judging each other
As I read McKenzie’s post about chore charts and teachingresponsibility (I sure post a lot about my thoughts after reading McKenzie’s posts!), I had a moment of mommy judging.

Please don’t go there.

Don’t mommy judge—don’t judge other moms for doing something differently, better than, or worse than your own methods or performance.

You see, we are all in this together and if we overcome our judgments or stereotypes or competitiveness towards other moms we can lift each other up and all be stronger together. By extension, our children will be stronger as well.

Judging or critiquing others in an unfair, negative, or ill-informed manner does the other person—mommy or not—and yourself a disfavor. I want to enjoy my life and I want to support those around me, so I try to recognize my moments of judgment or criticism. I’m sure I don’t always succeed, but at least I am trying!

In truth, McKenzie pushes me to want to be a better mom and friend and daughter and sister. My son may be much older than her children (he’s 17 to their 5 and 3), and we’ve already been-there-done-that with many experiences McKenzie’s family is only just now encountering.

I can’t possibly know if McKenzie’s methods of teaching her kids responsibility will work for her family or not, but I can know that she and her family will settle on a method that works best for them. And, I encourage and applaud her for it! I also applaud her for her honesty in her post regarding her own weakness at enforcing an earlier chores methodology. Because...I’ve been-there-done-that too!

No two moms or dads or any other people are totally alike and what works for one may not work for another.

In a future post, I will talk about chore methodologies that have and have not worked in my family, but I will also refer you back to McKenzie’s post because perhaps her methods—or some version of them—may fit your family better than my own methods.

It is our goal to support you and your family where you are now, in whatever manner works best for you, and to help you work towards your goals with support, encouragement, mentorship, and understanding. It is not our vision to tell you that there is only one way—our way—of doing things.

So, let’s all stop mommy—and daddy—judging right now. Are you in?

Comment below if you are with us! When was the last time you caught yourself mommy judging? How did you handle it? What tips do you have for the rest of us?

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