Friday, April 14, 2023

Upcoming changes to Mom2MomEd

Upcoming changes to Mom2MomEd with yellow and black "changes ahead" street sign against a bright blue background
If you've been following Mom2MomEd for a while, you'll know this blog as a parenting and education focused space, particularly focused on younger children and their families. 
However, as relationships, interests, and the world around us have all changed, so too has this blog. 
Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a lot of changes around here. Some will be cosmetic -- new colors, new graphics, new styles. Others will be more focused on subject matter -- I've already put up posts on newer to this blog topics such as de-cluttering, networking as an introvert, and getting things done when depressed or down. And, I will be updating the blog name, policies, and more.
Over the coming months, we will be releasing a number of e-books on topics such as de-cluttering, smoothie recipes, homeschooling, and more. We also will start releasing homeschool literature curriculum guides. 
I will also be moving our lunchbox notes and other items from our Etsy shop to my download-and-print Etsy shop where I currently sell coloring pages, stationery, self help and therapy tools, and more. You can find that shop HERE.
I hope you'll stick around!

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