Thursday, January 5, 2017

I'm the after Christmas Grinch....are you too?

Mom2MomEd Blog: I'm the after Christmas Grinch...are you too?
I seriously love Christmas time!

I love the festivities, the food, the lights, finding the perfect gift for the ones you love.
I basically love it all!

What I also LOVE (maybe even a teensie bit more so) is ripping down the holiday decorations and rearranging furniture so my house is finally clean again! I love how bare it feels, how plain, how much more my usual decorations stand out because I haven't seen them for a few weeks. I love dumping uneaten treats, purging items to make room for the new ones, and just the overall feeling of "OMG! I can breath again!"

I am a major creature of habit, and during the month of December we stay up later, are busier, eat differently, and are just a little off of our routine. I really do try to keep things as low key as possible (read about that HERE), but it can be pretty impossible to not veer off the tracks.

Yesterday (as I write this) was the day after Christmas....December 26th.

I was exhausted, maybe a smidge hungover, and l just had that general feel of yuckiness from not taking care of myself. I literally got up in the morning, poured a cup of coffee, and sat down instead of getting into my normal routine. But, before I knew it, I was moving just a few items into a pile for easier clean up. Next, I decided to sort through cards and toss them once I read them, and before I knew it the tree was magically un-decorated and was hauling itself outside to shed it's prickly needles away from my house.

All the while that this was going on, my kids were confused and wondering why we had to take the tree down today, and can't we just leave it up for a few more days?


No we cannot. In fact, we cannot leave it up for a few more minutes. In fact, my dear children, you're lucky I even left it up until Christmas at the rate it was shedding!

I am definitely one of those all-or-nothing type of people.

I try to find middle ground, but I can't ever seem to muster the energy for that. Maybe this can be a New Year's resolution.

During the holidays, I am either doing crafts, looking at lights, baking cookies, reading Christmas stories, planning, wrapping, etc, etc. etc.

OR I am doing NOTHING.

Once it's over, it's over for me.

I'm not good about buying discounted Christmas items for next year's gifts or decorating because, well, Christmas is OVER. It's not that time anymore. We're moving on.,..and moving on I did yesterday!

I know that a lot (aka most) people leave there tree up until New Year's or they take it down right before the New Year.

That's great....just not for me!

How long do you leave your tree up? Are you like me and can't wait to get your house put back together? What is your favorite thing about taking down your decorations?

And, while I'm on a roll, here are a few pictures of where Christmas once could be found at my house:

Image may contain: plant and indoor

I do enjoy having little lights all over my house so I didn't get entirely "bah humbug"--instead, I did leave up a few little lights for effect.

Who knows, I may be a total rebel and leave them up all year!
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