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Etsy Success Series: Part 1 -- Consistency

Etsy Success Series Part 1: Consistency

Over the past year or so, I've completely changed my approach to my Etsy shops (available HERE and HERE) and it's completely changed my level of success too! During that time, as my shops gained traction and success, others have asked me for tips and ideas to help them do the same. With that in mind, I am writing an Etsy success e-book, due to be published and available in my Etsy shop around May 15th, 2023 (I will update this series once it is available!). 

In the meantime, this post is the first in a series of five about that success. The e-book will go far more in depth and will include calendars, charts, tips, resources, and more!

My number one tip for Etsy is to be CONSISTENT.

That does not mean you have to list things every single day or even every few days or even every week.

What I mean by "be consistent" is that you do something on a regularly scheduled basis towards your shop. Most weeks, I do something shop related Monday through Friday, but occasionally I also do tasks over the weekend.

Consistency also means keep your packaging, communication style with customers, item descriptions, and so on consistent as well. You, of course, should have variety as makes sense for your shop and style -- you aren't a robot. But, for this post, I am going to focus on simply doing tasks to support your shop on a regular basis.

As noted, I work on my shop every day Monday to Friday. 

Every day, I do the following:
  • Start my Etsy work by cleaning up my work space from the previous day, if necessary.
  • Check for messages from customers or potential customers. 
  • Check for new orders and plan to get them shipped quickly.
  • Check my stats -- what are people looking at most? What is selling best? What is being totally ignored? Are there any changes to my overall shop stats?
  • Scroll through my shop for anything that stands out, good or bad. For the good, I make note of it and try to replicate it. For the bad, I make note of it and try to fix it and not do it again.
Every two or three days, I do the following:
  • Check my stats on eRank -- this is an amazing tool to help you understand your shop's overall performance, as well as individual listing performance. 
  • Use eRank to guide improvements to one or two listings.
  • Post to social media (Instagram -- HERE and HERE, Facebook, YouTube)
At least once per week, I do the following:
  • Review listings that are about to expire or auto-renew.
  • Review my advertising settings and adjust advertised listings.
As needed, I do the following:
  • Pack and ship orders (ideally within 24-48 hours or the next business day)
At least once per month, I do the following:
  • Update photos for a few listings.
  • Plan upcoming sales or areas of focus (for example, in August, I start planning for Christmas).
If you are planning an Etsy shop, or want to improve the performance of an existing shop, improve your consistency. Show up every day (as you can, depending on your other commitments), and look for areas that need regular attention and areas that need some focus. Often the areas that need the most focus or attention are the ones you dread looking at.

Do you have questions about Etsy and how to be an Etsy success? Leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer in a future post!

I have two shops and both have gone from next to no sales to extremely regular and consistent sales:
  • Shop the Junk Drawer -- I sell vintage goods, handmade items, craft supplies, and more in this shop. This shop is consistently in the top 10% of ALL Etsy shops, globally!
  • Marbles and Jam -- I sell download-and-print coloring pages, stationery, self help and therapy tools, and more in this shop. This shop is consistently in the top 5 to 6% of ALL Etsy shops, globally! 
In both shops, you can use code THANKYOU for 10% off! Please note, Shop the Junk Drawers in currently only available to buyers in the USA. Marbles and Jam is available everywhere Etsy is found. Etsy reserves the right to apply exclusions to discounts and buyers are responsible for their own taxes, VAT, etc. Shipping is always free and downloads are close to instantly available.
Both of these shops now do very well and have seen growth in views by several thousand percent since I've been consistent and focused! My sales have also steadily climbed and climbed.

Be sure to come back for the rest of my Etsy success series!

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